Saturday, March 13, 2010

WE STILL HAVE SNOW....just poor weather

Making the call to close on days like this is always a tough one. I sat eyes glued to the Weather Network at around 5:15am this morning weighing what I saw on the screen, and what I thought today would bring. It is currently (as of 12pm)raining here at the Brim.

At this time of year, and with the mild temperatures we have been having we do our best to judge the effects of the weather on our snow, make an educated guess about the numbers of skiers and snowboarders we would see in a day, and our needs for the future. The forecast is calling for rain again tomorrow (Sunday March 14, 2010) please be sure to call our snow line (905)983-7669 or our website before heading out. If the forecast remains poor, we will be closed for the day.

The weather from Monday forward looks great, join us for SPRING SKIING AT THE BRIM....we still have lots of snow, don't let the rain and your lawn fool you.

A wet day at the Brim,