Saturday, January 25, 2014

EPIC is also spelled B R I M A C O M B E!

There is no better way to describe today’s 

It is hard to judge the actual snowfall we received today because the natural geography of Brimacombe created a “snow farming” effect that caused the winds carry in snow from the country side, swirl over the apex of the hill and dump it on the slopes. There was a minimum of 12" of light powdery snow and many areas that where knee deep or better.

I have told my story many times in the past with pictures…and that is how I intend to tell you about today…an epic powder day at the Brim.

Little DEVIL.

RACK em up.

The STANDARD for fun.

Frank looks COMFORTABLE.

Boot TOP.

FLOATING on Flyer.

Pee Wee Ski Camp FUN.

In the WEST.


 What a VIEW.

BUTTERY sweet.

VALLEY view.


Better than any COUCH.

FAMILY time.


PRETTY Swimmer.

Getting STUCK due to powder snow...NEVER a problem.

The sun has now set here at the Brim...hours of skiing and snowboarding remain so peel yourself from the couch and join us for some "downtime"....that is, if you didn't already BASK in the EPIC GLORY that was Brimacombe today.

It was another STELLAR day in paradise,



Sunday, January 19, 2014

Down time is for EVERYONE

Sometimes there are BUMPS in the road of'll find your way through them.
Some times there are BUMPS on your trail ahead....hit them HEAD ON!

More snow is falling on the perfect pistes of's time to find your road...cut your trail...and enjoy some "down time".


When we last met up with PACE PENGUIN he had just finished his first  PARENT AND TOT lesson with the Brimacombe Snow School. He had a lot of fun and learned many important things about safely riding ski lifts and learning to control himself as he skied down the gentle beginner slope. After his lesson his instructor told him that he had shown that he could control himself well enough to continue to ski on the beginner run by himself to get some more PRACTICE before his next ski session.

Cailyn was all smiles last weekend in her bright Pace Penguin bib.

Later that day he enjoyed Brimacombe's first 
APRES SKI PARTY of the season!  
PACE had built up a real appetite and filled himself up on Spot's taco and chili bar! 

Then he danced the night away with Avery R and friends to LIVE MUSIC by Sean Roberts.

PACE was starting to see that skiing and snowboarding was only PART of the BRIMACOMBE EXPERIENCE! He was glad that he decided to take up a sport with such a great culture of family fun.

This morning, PACE made it to his lesson on time, all geared up and ready to go. He continued to learn about ski control and other important skills to help him enjoy his time on the slopes. 

PACE met a new friend named Jorja today.

After his lesson while wandering through the chalet he noticed a table set up with a sign that said "Reserved for CADS". Curious like a cat, he hopped up on the table to find out what this was all about. PACE learned that there were MANY ways to enjoy the slopes, he also learned that CADS or the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing is a group that helps make enjoying our sport possible for anyone!  

The kind CADS VOLUNTEERS suggested he go out for a ski with Colin to learn how people with disabilities enjoy down time on the slopes at Brimacombe.

When he went outside, he saw something pretty cool! A shiny new "SIT SKI". This sit ski had skis and bindings just like his, only these were attached to a tube frame with a carbon fiber seat! It looked pretty sporty...he was excited to try it out. 

Colin helped him get into the sit ski and buckle himself in. He was a little nervous at first because this was very new to him. He imagined that others using a sit ski might get nervous too and he thought that it would be a good idea to always give the sit skier the "right of way". He also thought he should always give enough space and to never ski up too close where he might accidentally startle a person in a sit ski because it was tougher to see or sense someone coming up from behind. 

PACE's excitement grew as he looked up the hill...he had not been all the way to the TOP yet, this would be another first.

PACE learned that Colin was a certified CADS instructor and that he had taught many people with disabilities how to enjoy some down time.

Off they went to the Main street chair to begin the journey.

With Colin in control, PACE made big wide turns down the Standard run. He learned that our sports could be enjoyed by anyone no matter what their abilities were.

After his sit ski run PACE made his way to the Canadian Ski Patrol safety tent to meet and greet some volunteer ski patrollers and chat up some kids about ski safety.

He saw his friend "Safety Sam" and discussed the 10 important points on the ALPINE RESPONSIBILITY CODE

After refreshing his knowledge of the code, he toured the chalet to talk to kids about safe skiing. Avery and Nyah thought he was a pretty interesting guy.

For more PACE information click the link below

It was another STELLAR weekend on the slopes of Brimacombe! We want to thank everyone who made it out...and convince everyone who did not to gather your gear and join us this week. 

Tuesday to Friday, from 9am to 4:30pm all lift tickets are just $22+hst all season long (excluding holidays)

If you are like Chase D at the end of your ski've had a GREAT DAY.

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Slopeside skis and boards, ONE LOCATION ONLY, at the BASE of Brimacombe. 

Every dollar spent here, stays here!

It was another WEEKEND in paradise,



Saturday, January 18, 2014

JAM on.

When the sun rises each Saturday morning what do you look forward to? If you were like many people today you looked forward to a day on the slopes of Brimacombe...and what a day it was!

With the launch of our Pee Wee Ski Camp on the west side, to Brimacombe ski race training on Standard and Challenger or our moguls on Rutherford's Cut and Freestyle hits and jibs in our parks we catered to all kinds of "down time".

Join us tomorrow and experience paradise.

Tonight Stephan and his Park crew hosted the first event in the BRIMACOMBE SATURDAY NIGHT 

Some real talent was thrown on the table tonight in the competition for prizes and series points. Here are a few shots of the action!

Snowboard Male 16 and Over
1st Harrison Stever
2nd Mitch Wright
3rd Jordan Stockdale

Snowboard 15 and Under
1st Daryn Garbutt
2nd Chris Maloney
3rd Colton Kelso

Skier Male 
1st Spencer Ryan
2nd Daniel Beamish Lavoie
3rd Brian Elliot

Best Trick Snowboard 
Cooper Gallant

Best Trick Ski
Daniel Beamish Lavoie

If you haven't checked out our 
terrain park you are missing out!

It was another day in paradise,