Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why stay indoors?

I woke up this morning to a reading of -22* on my thermometer. This wasn't a surprise, the weather guessers had made the prediction and yesterday's temperatures were only marginally warmer at that time of the morning. As I prepared for my day at the Brim I made sure to dress warmly, and put on a good pair of socks (Lorpen socks if fact). The sun was rising as I made my way to work, and even then I could tell that it was going to be a nice day...cold, but nice. The radio announcer then sent out her warning...STAY INSIDE TODAY!

Well, as the day wraps up here at the Brim I can tell you from experience, it was beautiful outside today. The sun shone 100%, the wind was higher in the morning but then eased off for the day, and the snow was FANTASTIC. Winter only lasts a short time, come on out and enjoy it at Brimacombe!


We hosted the 1st event in our Saturday Night Rail Jam Series last night. We had a great turn out and lots of spectators.

The Results are in...

16 and Over Male Snowboarders

1.) Evan Hay
2.) Bradley Hesson
3.) Matt Preston

Male Skiers

1.) Bryan Elliot
2.) Matthew Elliot
3.) Pelle Brolmann

15 and Under Snowboard

1.) Matthew Mageau
2.) Tanner Gallant
3.) Spencer Main

Snowboard Girls

1.) Jillian Clarke
2.) Ashley Bravn

Best Trick 15 and Under

Matthew Mageau

Best Trick 16 and Over

Matt Hogan


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Due to the heavy snow, I wasn't able to take many photos....

The MONSTER team

Snow flakes and rails, it was a great time!
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It was a COOL weekend at the Brim,