Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Congratulations to Brimacombe's Ski Patrol!

Congratulations to the Brimacombe Ski Patrol for being named Outstanding Patrol of the Year!

Individual congratulations also go out to the following Brimacombe patrollers for their outstanding achievements:

• Service Awards
5 year service: Kirsty Price, Dana Grant, Parry Pichette
20 year service: Gord Goral, Tim Manery
25 year service: Bill Gyurka

• Zone Achievement: Stephanie Speth
• Zone Appreciation: Rob Carson, Mike Stones

• Humanitarian Award: Darren Brocanier

• Veteran of the Year: Rob Carson

• National Appreciation Award: Gord Goral

• Canadian Ski Patroller award*: Tim Legere, Bill White
*This is the highest operational award in the CSPS!

Way to go guys!