Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's SNOWING at the BRIM!!!

You may have rain in your neck of the woods...but we have had nothing but SNOW here at Brimacombe.

As I type (12:35pm Jan 12, 2012) white gold is falling heavily from the heavens!

The snow shoveler's are getting a workout...why don't you? Head out to Brimacombe and celebrate winter!

The weather guessers are promising cold temperatures beginning Friday night, as soon as they arrive we will be hitting the "go" button and making snow mainly on Bunny Blvd., Bowl, the Main Terran Park, and starting to head west!


It’s an exciting time here at Brimacombe!

Not only are we celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the Oshawa Ski Club, but the financial success of the past couple seasons has also allowed your Management Team and Board of Directors to move ahead with growth plans for your Club’s future success.

As a first step in this long-term plan, we have committed to the purchase and installation of a new fourth chairlift to be installed in the Standard run area. Our goal is to install the new chair as soon as this coming Summer 2012, but we need your help to ensure we meet this goal. The approximate cost of a new quad chair is $1.6 million. We have already saved about $1 million towards this project, and only need to earn the additional $600,000 this winter to make a new chair a reality this coming summer. We can do this with your support!

You’ve probably heard us say it before, but in case you haven’t I’ll say it again, “Every dollar spent here, stays here!” As a not-for-profit ski and snowboard area, every dollar you spend on-site at Brimacombe is invested back into the facility, contributing to projects such as our new chairlift. It makes supporting your facility easy, and in fact most of you have been doing it already!

Let’s work together to raise the remaining funds and secure a new chairlift by Summer 2012.

Here are four easy ways you can help:

1. Bring someone new to Brimacombe
Do you know someone who would love skiing or snowboarding at Brimacombe? Take the initiative and invite them to try our slopes. Not only could you gain a new ski buddy, but every rental, lift ticket and membership sold also contributes to the purchase of our new chairlift.

2. Shop at Brimacombe’s Slopeside Retail Store
The next time you’re shopping for equipment, apparel and accessories, visit Brimacombe’s Slopeside Retail Store with one location only, conveniently located at the base of Brimacombe. Not only will you discover excellent selection and competitive pricing, but every hard-earned dollar you spend will also support the installation of our new chairlift. No other shop can do that, because Brimacombe does not operate a store in the hamlet of Kirby, Oshawa or any other town!
3. Book a lesson
Is there someone you know who wants to learn to ski or snowboard, or could you yourself use a refresher? Not only will a lesson increase the likelihood that a new skier or snowboarder will stick with the sport, but every lesson booked at Brimacombe’s award winning Snow School will also contribute dollars towards our new chairlift!

4. Treat yourself to lunch
Take advantage of Brimacombe’s on-site food services at the East and West Chalets, as well as the Snack Hut at the top of Standard. Every food and beverage purchase helps raise funds for our new chairlift and meet our goal to have it installed by Summer 2012.

The enthusiasm and support of our members is what has made the Oshawa Ski Club, now Brimacombe, so amazing these past 75 years. On behalf of your Board of Directors and Management Team, thank you so much for your continued support this season as we continue to grow and work together to raise funds to meet our goal of installing a new chairlift by the coming Summer 2012.

It's another day in paradise,