Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Join us this Saturday (March 3, 2012) for...


Brimacombe’s 2012

 Crack The Vault Challenge

Brimacombe is proud to present the first ever Crack the Vault Challenge brought to you by Oakley, Monster, 686 and Rome

The Run Down

ØRegistration and Sign-in starts at 9:00 day of the comp
ØRegistration and Sign-in ends at 11:00 day of the comp
ØMandatory Riders Meeting @ 11:15 in the middle of the park
ØComp starts at 11:30 with jam session
Ø1 hour jam session
ØQualifiers will begin at 1:30
ØFinals will begin at 3:00
ØBig prizes and awards will too follow

Comp Format

ØOne hour Jam Session (controlled drop-ins)
ØRiders will be scored on the tricks they can throw down, biggest tricks stomped puts you in the finals
ØSkier 13-17 years old and Skier 18 and over categories and snowboard 13-17 years and 18 and over categories
ØFemale Open Ski and Snowboard
ØAwards for top three finishers and best trick in each division
ØPark passes are required

Riders must be 13 years of age or older

$40 for Competition Lift pass (Standard Chair Only pass to access the Park)/Competition registration
Brimacombe members pay only $30 for Competition registration
$50 Park pass/Competition Lift Pass/Competition Registration