Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Temperatures

The weather this season has been interesting to say the least...the weather guessers must be throwing darts these days to predict what the week will be like.

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the slopes, in fact it just might have been a little too beautiful. The unseasonably high temperature mixed with the gentle breeze working into higher wind speeds over night took a toll on our conditions in a very short time. At 3am when the groomers went back to the shop for the day, the hill was back in pristine 8am water had rose to the surface in a number of locations forcing us to re groom almost all of our open terrain to cover the worst affected areas. The rain held off until about 11am and we were able to host the final visits of a couple of school groups....and more school groups are wrapping up their visits with us for the season tonight. With March break beginning tomorrow and the end of the season just around the corner we are pleased to be able to remain open to finish their programs.

All things considered we still have ample snow to push around on most runs, our groomer operators are known to surprise and impress us with their abilities to take what looks like a bad situation and turn it around in an unbeleivable way. We will do battle with Mother Nature and bring you the best skiing and snowboarding possible....don't give up on us yet there is still time left in this season!

Join us for March Break as we bid farewell to the 2011-2012 season!