Saturday, April 21, 2012



In the fall of 2011, we announced our commitment to purchase a new chairlift with a goal of installing it in the Standard area during the summer of 2012.

We asked you to support our efforts by supporting Brimacombe and everything we have to offer.

We reminded you that “every dollar spent here, stays here” and goes directly back into the facilities, and you – our members and guests - showed us that you support our commitment by supporting your club!

It’s no secret that the 2011/12 season was a tough one weather wise, but in our 75 years of history we have seen our share of challenges, while continuing to keep our focus on the future and striving to meet our expansion and facility improvement goals. With your continued support and our commitment to grow our club successfully into the future, we have decided to make this chairlift a reality and install it this summer!

We did this with your support!
The enthusiasm and support of our members and guests is what has made the Oshawa Ski Club, now Brimacombe, so amazing these past 75 years. On behalf of your Board of Directors and Management Team, thank you so much for the interest and support you have shown for this project, which is now set to break ground in the coming months.

Our new lift…
After working through a long process of analysis and discussion we have decided to contract Leitner-Poma Canada Inc. to build and install our new lift. This new fourth chairlift will be a fixed-grip, four-person chair with a special twist!

In order to increase uphill efficiency and reduce the challenges to new skiers and snowboarders we have opted to install an automatic Compac Loading Conveyor!

Loading conveyors are relatively new on the market and very few resorts in Ontario can lay claim to having a system like this to improve the experience of loading a fixed grip lift. Loading conveyors offer all of the ease of loading of a detachable chairlift making the experience ideal for everyone from beginner to expert, while reducing slowdowns and stops originating in the load area.

The lift will travel from the bottom east side of the Standard run and off-load between the Standard and Bowl chairlifts. This will allow easy access from all of our eastern terrain at the bottom, while servicing all terrain from the Standard run east at the top, with easy access to Ladies' Downhill, Ben’s Bump and Bowl!

This new lift will greatly improve overall flow and uphill capacity in this area getting you to where you want to be sooner, on the slopes!

Thank you!
Investments like this new chair keep Brimacombe an exciting and fun place to ski and snowboard, but, most importantly, they help to ensure we are sustainable for years to come by maintaining a modern infrastructure. We are dedicated to providing the quality of facilities you have become used to over the past 75 years, and with your continued support we will continue to build a strong future for your club.

Have a great summer!