Sunday, December 30, 2012

Main Street...and MORE

MAIN STREET....What was happening today?

As most of you all know our new "Main Street" chair lift did not run today. As is sometimes the case with new equipment we experienced some bugs that we spent the day working out. We intend to run the lift tomorrow if all goes as planned and we apologize for any inconvenience today.


On the upside, We plan to OPEN Petes Elbow and Park Ave tomorrow (Park Ave if we open it will be on 100% natural snow). We are also inching towards having the Bowl and Ben's Bump in the near future . . .as well as having enough snow to build the VAULT terrain park soon.
A very popular question lately centers around the closed off area on the Standard run under tower #2 of the Main Street chair. This "cut" was a necessary task for getting approval from Hydro One to pass under the High Voltage lines that cross the hill from east to west. We removed 12 feet of dirt before placing the lift in order to locate the tower and cable low enough to pass under the lines, yet high enough to ski under. Now that winter has arrived we have to make enough snow under this area to contour the terrain appropriately to make it "skiable" again. As I type the closed signs are coming down and the barriers are being removed, a snow gun will go back in for a few hours tonight and the groomers will push it all out to final grade in the wee hours of the morning....We plan to leave the area open tomorrow as a full ski under.

For those interested, our new snowmaking pond expansion is proving beneficial already. If we had not expanded the pond this past summer (to be completed next summer) we would be fast approaching the point where we would be out of water and forced to shut down our snowmaking system to allow time for the recharge pump to build some reserve. In the past, when we hit this point we would shut down for a few days and once a few feet of water was regained we would start up snowmaking again until we ran out again (which once we emptied the pond the first time was often not completely filled again which obviously meant we had less run time between our needs to shut down and build supply . .  which ultimately slowed our snow production). But rolling ahead to today, our pond is still full (down approximately 2 feet of 13-14 feet usable depth) and the weather still looks good . . meaning no gap in production and more terrain for you to enjoy sooner.

Brimacombe is one of the BIGGEST ski resorts in Southern Ontario . . and it takes A LOT of snow to cover our sizable trails. We work around the clock to give you the best quality skiing and snowboarding in the area and we always love to see our members and guests enjoying the fruits of our labor!



If you are 8 years of age or younger (or you are a parent that has kids that age) stop by any ticket office or our Main Office in the East Chalet and pick up your PACE PENGUIN safety package for FREE!


Brimacombe is pleased to be taking part in a pilot safety initiative called PACE PENGUIN.
The objective of this program is to help reduce the risk of injury to young children in downhill sports by educating children, parents and fellow skiers/snowboarders.

This program is designed to not only address several of the known risk factors for children, but contribute to an overall positive experience for families. Early research indicates the PACE program has outstanding positive influence on parents’ resort selection. By helping children to have a safe and fun experience, we hope that today’s "little penguins" will grow into safe, dedicated life-long skiers and snowboarders, who will in turn, introduce their children to downhill sports.

For more information click on this link...


It was another day is SUNNY paradise,