Wednesday, January 8, 2014


There is something special about a SUNNY and CRISP winter day at Brimacombe. It might be the BRILLIANT white snow that squeaks with every step, the smell of the pure clean air that blows through the cedar boughs, or the rich blue skies from city landscape in the west to rolling rural vistas in the east. A day like today at the Brim takes you away from the stresses of everyday life and transports you to a paradise where your hardest decision will be which trail to take.


Shawn H explains SAFE LIFT RIDING techniques to her group. 

Tonight marks the first night of our visiting school program. Brimacombe would like to WELCOME all of our schools back for another year...

Ali coaches a member of her ski racing team from Trinity College. 


In my last at the Brim blog post, we followed PACE penguin as he began his ski journey here at Brimacombe. PACE purchased his membership, was fitted for equipment at Slopeside and booked  a lesson at the Brimacombe Snow School. He's excited to get started this weekend with the rest of the little Penguins when our 8 week lesson programs begin.

As the media has made us all aware by using fear tactics and's been a little on the cool side lately! 

PACE feels right at home and knows that dressing right is important to enjoying the outdoors during our Canadian winters. Choosing quality outwear that breaths, blocks wind, repels water and does not restrict movement is essential to staying warm...but what you wear underneath can also make a huge difference in the time you can stay comfortable on the slopes. This is especially important for all of the little penguins learning to love skiing and snowboarding. 

Starting at the bottom and working up, our little penguins should wear quality wool ski socks, pulled up high towards the knee above the boot line, not bunched around the ankle. 

They should wear a quality "base layer" or as you might know them "long johns". This base layer should be form fitting and made of a moisture wicking fabric. It's also important to ensure that the leggings are not bunched up in the sock, try to keep them on top and out of the boot. PACE tells me that bunched up socks or leggings in the ankle area of a ski or snowboard boot can restrict blood flow to your little penguins feet making them get cold sooner...not to mention uncomfortable!    

On top of your little penguins baselayer, a "mid layer" made of a very soft and high performing insulating material like "Primaloft" is ideal. This layer should not restrict movement but not be too bulky either.

The "outer layer" is last but not least! This is the layer that provides the first line of defense against the cold, wind and (eek) rain. It is very important that our little penguins have full range of motion, there are no long dangling items to get caught in ski lift carriers, and that we allow them to show off their style and personality! Part of feeling good on the slopes is LOOKING good...let your child have input into what their "look" will be!

Warm mitts, face masks/neck warmers and a comfy helmet are also a MUST! These are also areas that QUALITY is important. Packing extra pairs of dry socks and mitts can make the difference between a long enjoyable day on the slopes...or an early car ride home with unhappy penguins. 

PACE says he like to take LOTS of hot chocolate breaks!

Also, our buddy PACE makes sure he eats a full meal to keep his energy up to help his body fend off the cold.

As I write PACE is wandering around outside of our East Chalet talking "ski Safety" with some of the kids out on their first school visit of the season...he's also snapping some "selfies".

If you have any little penguins of your own, be sure to stop by any of our Lift ticket Kiosks, our Rental shop, Snow School or Main office and pick up your "Pace Penguin" kit. 

This kit includes your little penguins very own bright PACE Bib (just like PACE wears!) to help other skiers/snowboarders quickly identify them as a young skier, a child's version of the Alpine Responsibility Code, a Parent Checklist, and a Lost Child ID card!  

Stay Safe with PACE!

PACE Penguin wants you to have a fun and safe day on the slopes. Here’s how you can be like PACE and ski safe. Remember to:
  • STAY IN CONTROL and ski where you can easily stop, turn and go
    around others.
  • BE POLITE People ahead of you get to go first, give them lots of space.
  • STOP ONLY where other people can easily see you and go around you.
  • LOOK AROUND YOU for other people when
    starting down a run or when runs come
    together. Let others go first.
  • ASK FOR HELP If you have an accident or
    see someone else have an accident, wait
    for a Ski Patroller.
  • NEVER SKI IN CLOSED AREASThey’re closed for a reason.
  • RIDE LIFTS SAFELY listen to the lift person and
    follow the signs. When taking a chair lift, ride with
    an adult that can help lower and lift the bar. Sit
    as far back in the chair as possible and always
    face forward. If you need help getting on or off
    the lift, just ask the lift person.
Ski Safety Signage
If you don’t know what a sign means, ask a Ski Patroller or Ski Instructor.
They are here to help you.

It was a BRILLIANT day in paradise,