Saturday, February 1, 2014

FACES around this PLACE.

BRIMACOMBE is a SPECIAL PLACE. Sure, it is a BEAUTIFUL PLACE but that is not the only thing that makes it special. What makes Brimacombe special are the FACES, faces that are full of personality, smiles and fun. These faces reflect what we deliver...the faces are our REWARD.

Today's FACES;

Ailan M

Reid C.

Ally and Addyson O.

Robyn C.

Jenny M.


Ryan M.

Bill G.

J P. S and Jayne F 

Ken V.

Mother Nature has blessed us with ANOTHER day of SNOWFALL! The CONDITIONS are as GOOD as they get, join us for a day at the Brim. 

When there are BUMPS in your path hit them HEAD ON!

(a little proof that I DO ski...)

A SUCCESSFUL race day for the 

Little PENGUINS learn to ski.


HUNGRY? Why not try a PHILLY CHEESE STEAK sandwich from the BRIMACOMBE CAFE?

Brimacombe is RICH in HISTORY, history made by the many FACES that we have seen here on the slopes over the years. Tomorrow is looking GREAT, join us for some downtime.

It was another day in Paradise,