Saturday, February 23, 2013

Whistler, Sunny Side, Nice and Easy, and Farmer's Field!

Today is a GREAT day to be on the slopes of Brimacombe! At 10am we fired up T-bar #8 to service Whistler, Sunny Side, Nice and Easy and Farmer's Field! That gives us approximately 99.99% of our terrain OPEN! Currently the only area of terrain not open is the steep face of Richard's Landing, however we are hoping to get this open if we get the predicted 20-30cm of snow on Tuesday. Opening the terrain west of T-bar #8 (Sunny Side, Nice and Easy and Farmer's Field) is generally something we can only do with adequate natural snow due to the limitations of snow making capabilities in that area. Mother Nature was late to the party again this year but over the past few weeks she has certainly came to the table! We have received a lot of compliments on the conditions today so if you decided to stay at home because of the weather in your area you missed out on a great day....we had fresh snow over night and no rain as of the time I am writing this edition of the at the Brim blog.

I heard an interesting rumor for the second time this month so I thought I would write a few words to dispel any false information floating through the gossip channels. It seems that some have heard that Brimacombe has been sold to new fact both versions of this story this season tell that we have sold and the new owners will be changing the name of the facility to "The Brim"...I think I have heard variations of this story (that we have sold to new owners) for at least the past 20 years -with a huge spike when we decided to change our facility name to Brimacombe. This is of course not true, we are not for sale, we are not trying to sell, or even thinking of selling to anyone nor have we ever been. The Oshawa Ski Club operating as Brimacombe continues as it has for 76 years to be a Not-For-Profit membership owned facility. All "businesses" that operate at Brimacombe (Slopeside Skis and Boards, Brimacombe Snow School, Pee Wee Ski Camp, Food Services) are ancillary businesses operated by Brimacombe and all revenue derived goes directly back into the operations of your club. Every dollar you spend here stays here and helps us continue to provide the best ski and snowboarding experience possible and as always we thank you for your support and dedication.

Back to reality! Here's how things looked in the west today...

Ready to concur Whistler

All Mother Nature!

T bar 8!


Au Natural! Take advantage of this opportunity to ski or snowboard Farmer's Field. It's big, wide, and gentle with a great view of the rolling hills that surround us...very tranquil. 

It was another day in paradise,