Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1st Saturday Night Rail Jam event results are in!

It's a chilly day at the Brim the but the conditions are great thanks to superb snow making conditions!

This past Saturday was the first event in our SATURDAY NIGHT RAIL JAM SERIES here at Brimacombe! The competitors put on a good show and here are a few shots of the action...

and the January 19, 2013 WINNERS were...

Skiers 15 and Under
1st Brandon Holm
2nd Thomas Beamish Lavoie

Snowboarders 15 and Under
1st Mitch Wright
2nd Cooper Gallant
3rd Chris Maloney

Girls Snowboard

1st Gillian Clark

Snowboarders 16 and Over
1st Harrison Long
2nd Geoffrey Bowler
3rd Joel Vachon

Skiers 16 and Over
1st Pelle Brolmann
2nd Michael Apostalou
3rd Daniel Beamish Lavoie

Best Trick

15 and Under 
Cooper Gallant
270 on 270 off on Round Bar

16 and Over 
Harrison Long
360 Stalefish gap to 50 on Battleship

It was another day in paradise,