Monday, January 21, 2013

SNOW at the Brim!

We had a busy weekend here at the Brim after pulling out of one of the mildest January thaws in recent history. Though the phenomena is not new to us, it is not any less disappointing to our members and guests. I was looking for a particular archive I wanted to share with you from back in the early to mid eighties I believe, it was a newspaper article that told the story of a major January thaw that took most of our snow and left the club starting basically from scratch snow wise. Since that time we have greatly expanded our snow making system....which we can credit for bringing us back to the position we were in before the thaw in a much shorter time than back then. In my quick search for that article I came across this undated story...if you recognize the names you can likely estimate the year this story was first published...all I will say is that is was WELL before the eighties. 

Sunday was a different day, rain overnight (even a thunder and lightening storm at 4am) followed by a rapid freeze up just as we were prepping to get the day started made for firm conditions to say the least. This change from warm to cold temperatures brought high winds across the property which spread limbs, debris and even brought down a tree. We were forced to keep the West chair closed for the entire day as a safety precaution monitoring wind conditions in hopes of getting it rolling. We apologize for the inconvenience and less than stellar day for skiing...but as many like to say out here at the Brim "Any day skiing is better than a day at work".

Let's not dwell on the weather, as I look out my window RIGHT NOW it is a TOTALLY different scene than yesterday. It's hard to explain to people the difference we can make in one day with good quality snow making weather....and that is what we had last night and today (and forecast for the foreseeable future). For that reason I'll switch to photos...because they tell a more convincing story than I ever could...don't be afraid to share these with all your non-believer friends! You may not have snow on your front lawn...but we have PILES of it on ours...

It's Monday, so we took advantage of a "non ski day" and loaded the snow making equipment up on our already "open" terrain to bring it back into fine shape,

Re-Surfacing Standard.

Building on Bambi.

Some perspective on the depth of the piles of new snow -Groomers pushing out the white gold.

Prettying up Pete's Elbow and Park Ave exit.

It looks as good in person.

Bunny Boulevard, note the natural snow falling. 

Things are looking great, and this is after less than 24 hours of snow making! We are also making snow on other areas of the hill including the west property and FLYER. It's going to be a great week on the slopes of Brimacombe...come on out for some "down time"!



We celebrated the employment of one of our managers last night who has decided to accept an opportunity she could not refuse. After 15 seasons with us Lift Staff Manager Kassie Glasbergen sets out on a new year round employment adventure at the end of this week. It was tough but we managed to surprise her with a going away party after the gates closed to the public...

Kassie's influence will leave a lasting impression for years to come here at Brimacombe. Her energy and passion for the hill has helped us shape our "culture" since her first day loading the lifts. You will no doubt see her around because rarely does anyone ever REALLY leave Brimacombe. Be sure to thank her for everything she has done for us, she deserves it! 


Not only are the snow making guns pumping out the snow....and I finish up here, so are the skies.

See you on the slopes,