Thursday, January 17, 2013


Though Mother Nature took back most of what she gave us over the Christmas holidays, we still have enough of what we made ourselves to provide you with some enjoyable "Down Time" on the slopes of Brimacombe. The temperature is currently -10*c (as I write) and the snow making is running full out on Pete's Elbow, Piggy Bank, Bowl, Flyer, Promenade, Clubhouse Run, and Kids Stuff. The terrain that is open is in great shape and those out on the hill today are having a blast.

Our biggest challenge is convincing all of you who live in the surrounding towns and cities that just because there is no snow on your front lawn it doesn't mean that we don't have any on OUR front "lawn"....the slopes of Brimacombe. For those in the know, my regular At the Brim readers I'd like to ask you a favor...tell people you are going skiing, tell everyone you meet! If I've heard it once I've heard it a million times "I told my neighbor I was going skiing and they looked at me like I was crazy....they say "there's no snow!". Most people in my small community know where I work and as I meet up with people on the streets they tell me they "feel for me" or "I bet you are wishing for snow!", I am certainly grateful for their compassion but I always point out that we are OPEN and the skiing is good! The reality is that most people really have no concept of a ski resorts ability to make their own snow and when the temperatures are right we can produce!

Here's some pictures from today, Jan 17, 2013 at the Brim,

Al C approves!

A Birdseye view

Snow making on Clubhouse/Promenade

Snow making is a wonderful thing!
There is still TONS of winter left...peel yourself from your couch and join us for a day in paradise,