Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goggle tan around the BRIM!

Even with the low temperature today the sun shone bright and strong. My goggle/sunglasses tan is getting more and more distinct was a SUPER day to be outside. Tomorrow promises to bring more of the same sunshine so load up your gear, make sure your alarm clock is set, and join us for a full day ON THE SLOPES!

Here's what we did today...

I tried it...Did you? Once again I jumped at the chance to take out a pair of Telemark skis for a tour across the hill and back. I had a great time and did my best to field questions about the equipment from interested folks...but let's be honest, I know very little about the technical side of this variation of the sport...that's what Telemark instructors Holly Blefgen and Keith Woods were here for! Keith and Holly had a busy day teaching the finer points of telemark skiing. For more information about Ski Telemark please visit their website at

Keith and Holly

Doug B. makes telemark look easy!

Mike Q teaching a beginner "the ropes"

Avery takes a break with her Dad.

Pee Wee Ski Camp in session on the Promenade Run.

Sarah and Anna BFF! Crusin' the slopes after their lesson.

Paul M. laying it down in a turn!

Clarke S. and students.

Action in the Main Park.

See you tomorrow for more "down" time...