Saturday, February 20, 2010

Slope and STYLE

We had a lot of fun out here at the Brim today!

Retro day was RADICAL! A ton of people dressed the part by pulling their old attire out of the depths of their closets...or visiting the thrift stores. It must be a sign that I'm starting to age...I remember when the majority of this "retro" clothing was in style. :)
Our Annual slopestyle competition drew a large crowd as well. The competitors put on a fabulous show of talent for the judges and spectators.

Only pictures can tell today's here they are.

Punk rocker!

Shock rocker

The MIGHTY Mullet!

Kelly is glowing....

Reiner Red...who remembers these days of the Ski Patrol?

Ryan was digging in his DAD'S closet for this one...

Andrew M. was just a little too comfortable in his costume today.

RACE DAY on T-bar 2!

Mac Attack, Alice Cooper and Work Out Wendy...

Louis B. on his 215cm "retro" telemark skis

Doug B. dressed to impress!

Following in his father's footsteps...Brandon fits Terry's old liftee coveralls just fine!

From RETRO SLOPESTYLE, here's some action shots of today's event.

Join us tomorrow for...

Another day in Paradise.