Saturday, February 27, 2010

Way to go Matt!

Even though Matt did not make the podium this time around, he certainly made us proud! We had a GREAT time out here today in support of Matt's Olympic debut! I would like to thank everyone who played a role in pulling this off but the main credit needs to go to Teresa McKenna who was the driving force behind today's RED, WHITE and GOLD Celebration!

The house was packed with excited fans!

Mayor Abernethy joined us today, He and president Chris Davies cheered Matt on together.

Frieda C. tends to the art table.

Doug Barlow is interviewed by CTV News.

Linda creates a photo message for Matt.

Peter and Cori with noise makers ready.

Proud Canadians at the BBQ!

Colin S. working in his sons fry booth today (Jeff Fries)...all proceeds went to CADS DURHAM...the fries were tasty!



Believe it or not we got MORE NATURAL SNOW this morning! 3"-4" inches of WHITE GOLD landed on our slopes, adding to our already superb conditions!
After tonight's grooming, the conditions will be just AWESOME for tomorrow.