Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas holidays at the BRIM!

We've been blessed with some beautiful days out here at the Brim over the last few days, if you haven't been here you're missing out! Don't the let mercury on your thermometer fool you, the temperatures have been quite comfortable thanks to the bright sun beating down on us from above.

Show your holiday spirit! All members, day visitors and employees are encouraged to deck their suits with Santa, Elf, and other holiday accessories on on Wed. Dec. 23 and Thurs. Dec. 24.
(Just make sure that all loose or dangling items are secured while riding the lifts)

Snow making is still in full force. Our team of snow makers and groomer operators have been hard at work pushing to get more terrain open. At time of writing I cannot say exactly when the Bowl and Ben's Bump will open, but I can say it will be soon. The Main terrain park will go under construction over the next short while and open as soon as it is complete. Don't forget to get your Brimacombe Park Pass, you will need it to access this park.

As many of you know we draw our snow making water from our man-made water reservoir at the bottom of our hill. This reservoir gives us a large supply of water enabling us to operate at maximum capacity for an extended period of time. This reservoir does however have it's limitations forcing us to cut back or shut down our snow making system at a certain point to allow time to recharge. We will be shutting down snow making production shortly for a day or two to allow our water supply to replenish. The upside of this is the fact that we have efficiently converted the contents of our pond...into tons of beautiful white snow for you to enjoy on our slopes.