Friday, December 18, 2009

TOMORROW.....the season begins.

Each year the week before we open is an interesting time out here. This year was no different.
From the time of my last Blog entry until now, the hill has been alive with feverish activity. On wednesday, We were fairly certain that tomorrow (Saturday Dec 19, 2009) would be our opening day...on ONE run weather permitting. Snow making was fired up Tuesday night, and the temperatures dropped into very productive range holding strong all week. By mid day yesterday the snow had been pushed out on the Standard and Bambi runs solidifing Saturday as our opening day. Since then, snow production has continued to be strong enabling us to get Bunny Blvd, the Beginner terrain park and very likely Pete's Elbow open for tomorrow with more terrain in the near future.
Here are a few shots of the action this week...

From the natural snow we recieved a week or so back...

To this weeks "Man made" production...

We've come a long way, and will have some GREAT ski and snowboarding conditions tomorrow.

As I write the Beginner park is under construction. The Beginner park is a progression based freestyle terrain area designed to provide the younger, or novice freestyle skier/snowboarder an area to hone their skills and work "progressively" towards larger features and our Main terrain park. No "Brimacombe Park pass" is required in this area, but as in our Main Park, Helmets are Mandatory and No Inverted Aerial Maneuvers are permitted.
Hundreds of people have registered and gone through our Park Pass program already, don't forget a Park Pass will be required to access the Main Park this season...yes parents, even you. Park Pass programs are designed to improve Terrain Park safety by educating all users about park specific rules and etiquette. Brimacombe Park Passes do cost $10 for the year, but all proceeds are used to directly offset some of the costs of the park and away from those who do not use our Freestyle terrain areas.

It's a good time to refresh the kids (and ourselves) about safety on the slopes. We at Brimacombe work hard to provide the tools to you -our members and guests- so that you can educate yourself and your families about proper facility use and your responsibilities while enjoying our slopes. Please take a few minutes to read through the information on the website pertaining to slope safety. This info can be found under the pull down menu "On the Slopes".

Around our facility we have posted a number of very important signs. These signs contain safety information, directives and other information designed to educate.

At all lifts you will find a number of BLUE signs with white lettering and white signs with black letters/pictograms and red circle "cross outs". These signs are required by law in most provinces of Canada (CSA standard, consistant at all ski resorts), and passengers are required to abide by the messages they contain.

Example (found at the top of all chair lifts)

The Alpine Responsibility Code is also posted at numerous locations across our facility in high traffic areas. This is a national code, and as part of the "agreement" of using a resorts facilities, skiers and snowboarders must follow the 10 steps while enjoying the slopes. Please take a few minutes to refresh yourself of these 10 simple points.

The signs above are not the only "rule" type of sign found at resorts (all resorts, not just Brimacombe), and I only draw attention to these as examples and to spark conversation and dialogue amongst you and your families. Talking about the "rules" isn't fun or exciting by any means, but important none the less. It's even less fun to remind you that failing to abide the messages on these "rule type" signs creates a dangerous situation, and may result in loss of skiing/snowboarding privilages. Enough about the rules...let's talk about some tools...

The following signs are also a national thing...these are part of the "Winter Wise" program developed by the TSSA and our ski associations here in Canada. The intent of these signs is to provide a visual, descriptive means of communicating proper lift riding techniques. These signs are posted at each lift, and in other high traffic areas around the facility. If you see someone you think is unsure of how to ride a lift, please point this signage out to them, and suggest they ask our lift attendants for assistance.

Please don't forget, Wear your lift pass in a visible location on the upper part of your body but below your head. Lift passes (memberships, lift tickets, or other pre-paid types of lift passes) are required to use all of our terrain...not just the lifts.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, it's always nice to welcome back our members and friends. We hope you enjoy the season ahead and look forward to providing you the best skiing and snowboarding terrain and experience in southern Ontario!

See you on the slopes....TOMORROW!