Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rain on our parade

For most of the night, I could hear the rain falling hard on my steel roof. Making the call to close Brimacombe for the day is never easy, especially on a day like Boxing Day. As it poured rain at 5:45am this morning and the weather stations showed a poor forecast for the day we made the call to protect the snow surface and keep the gates closed.

Now, the rain may have washed the snow from your front lawns but it has not taken much of ours. The packed man made snow on our slopes is very hardy. We continually hear surprise in the voices of our skiers and snowboarders when they arrive at the hill after a heavy rain, impressed by the conditions and how much snow we still have. Our gates remain closed today due to the heavy rain not due to lack of snow.

The weather forecast ahead looks good, don't let this little blip get you down, the season is YOUNG, there are MANY ski and snowboarding days ahead!